Puss in Boots Opera Vlaanderen & IOA

Opera Vlaanderen Puss in boots De Gelaarsde kat

Puss in Boots Opera Vlaanderen & IOA

The 18th, the 19th and the 21st January of 2017

The Russian composer Cui wrote this fairytale opera in 1913 and transplanted Perrault’s well-known tale in a whimsical musical world in which nature, humans and courtly life are given their own individual sounds.

The story of Puss in Boots is all about the treasure that can be hidden in insignificant little things. If you pay close attention, you can awaken a little voice inside yourself that will encourage you to discover your talents, overcome barriers and realize your dreams. A little performance about a big hero.

Discover the costumes for Puss in boots and get inspired!


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