Opstand – Opera-intermezzi

Opstand Elena Werner Costume Design

Opstand – Opera-intermezzi

© Elena Werner

Premiere the 13th of September 2018 at CC De Plomblom, Ninove, Belgium

Serpina and Larinda (Liza Dedapper) are two women who know how to handle. Although they are poor and belong to the lowest social class, they do not yield to their fate. With a lot of youthful inventiveness, she succeeds in waving good luck to wealthy gentlemen like Uberto and Vanesio (Erwin Muller). By doing so, they undermine existing power relations, rebel against the capitalist patriarchy and turn the world upside down. A fancy dress? A staged suicide attempt? A screen and dance duel? Serpina and Larinda are not afraid of anything.

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